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History and Theories of Architecture - II (ARCH226)

Second one of the survey courses on the history and theories of architecture, designed in three phases. The first dealing with the evolution of architecture and art in Europe and Asia from rise of Renaissance just after the fall of Constantinople and until the 17th century, the second covering the developments in architecture during the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and in the eastern world, and the third starting with the 19th century Industrial Revolution, covering contemporary architecture until the end of 20th century and the art of Europe and America. A rather broad geographical scope with topics including examples from European, Asian, African, American and Australian continents. A chronological line beginning from the end of the medieval times to architecture of Renaissance, Baroque, Islamic architecture e.g. Classic Ottoman Art, Westernization of the Islamic Art and classicism, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Post-modernism and recent trends in architecture. All major themes and genres of architecture and art to be covered: religious and secular architecture, decorative arts, and tradi tional arts like calligraphy in their relationships to Architecture.

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