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Security and Information Assurance (COMP322)

Fundamental objectives of computer security: data and information confidentiality, integrity and availability. Three aspects of security: security attacks, security mechanisms and security services; a model of network security. Classical encryption techniques: cryptanalysis and brute-force attack;substitution techniques: Ceasar's cipher, monoalphabetic ciphers, Playfair cipher, Hill cipher and its modifications; polyalphabetic ciphers: Vigenere cipher; transposition techniques: rail fence and other techniques; rotor machines. Modern encryption techniques – block ciphers: diffusion and confusion principles, DES family, IDEA and blowfish. Basic concepts in number theory. Asymmetric-key cryptography – public-key cryptogrwphy, RSA. Integrity of cryptographic data: message authentication, digital signatures, cryptographic hash functions, message authentication codes, MD5, key management and disctribution.

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