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Electronics for Computer Engineers (CMPE226)

Circuits, currents and voltages, power and energy, Kirchoff's current and voltage laws. Circuit elements and circuits. Resistive circuits: resistance in series and parallel, resistive network analysis by series and parallel equivalents, node and mesh analysis. Thevenin and Norton equivalents. Superposition. Inductance and Capacitance, physical characteristics, practical capacitor and inductors. Basic diode concepts: Zener diode, Ideal diode model, rectifiers and waveshaping. Basic amplifier concepts, cascaded, ideal, and differential amplifiers, offset voltage, bias current and offset current. Bipolar Junction Transistors: Current and voltage relationship, common emitter characteristics, pnp BJT LargeSignal DC Circuit models. Common Emitter amplifiers. Emitter Follower. Operational Amplifiers: ideal OPAmp, summing point, inverting and noninverting amplifiers, Nonlinear imperfection, Differential and Instrumentation Amplifiers, Integrators and Differentiatiors. Logic Circuits: Basic concepts: TTL and CMOS implementation of logic gates.

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