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2019 Special Skills Test

Fine Arts Department Special Skills Test

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is going to be accepting students to the Fine Arts Department operating under the Education Faculty for the 2019-2020 Academic Year with a special skills test. The single-stage test will be administered between 10:00 and 16:00 on the 28th and 29th of May 2019 at the Fine Arts Education.

During the special skills test which is comprised of written and practical components candidates will be asked to perform various music related skills such as 5 single voice hearing-repeating, 5 double voice hearing-repeating, 5 triple voice hearing-repeating: major, minor, numerical cords, 2 four-voice hearing-repeating, 7-chords, melody hearing-repeating, repeating 2 melodic sentences with 2 motifs and tonal, playing a musical piece and the national anthem with an instrument. During the interview, candidates will also be asked questions about their past music education as well as their individual and academic qualities.

TRNC nationals who have finished their high-school education can obtain further information about applications to the EMU Registrar’s Office from the telephone 630 1217 or Applications can be made to the Registrar’s Office until the 27th of May 2019.

YKS 2019 Kontenjan Önerileri

Program Adı

2019 Kontenjan Önerisi

Tercih Bursu



%50 Burslu

MÜZİK ÖĞRETMENLİĞİ (Türkçe) (%50 Burslu)


MÜZİK ÖĞRETMENLİĞİ (Türkçe) (%100 Burslu)


SPOR BİLİMLERİ (Türkçe) (Ücretli)


%50 Burslu

SPOR BİLİMLERİ (Türkçe) (%50 Burslu)


SPOR BİLİMLERİ (Türkçe) (%100 Burslu)


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