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Teaching the Mentally Handicapped Undergraduate Program (Turkish) *

Department of Special Education / Faculty of Education
Degree: B.A.
Duration (Years): 4
Language: Turkish

As it is in regular education, the Mentally Handicapped Teaching undergraduate program aims to educate mentally handicapped individuals in becoming self-sufficient and autonomous persons in their daily lives. Fulfilling this aim is only possible by the specification of the individual’s educational needs and providing a suitable educational environment corresponding with these needs. Mentally Handicapped Teaching undergraduate program’s objective is to bring up qualified teachers who will offer quality education to mentally handicapped children at the elementary school age.

General Information

Mentally Handicapped Teaching undergraduate program started admitting students during the fall semester of the 2012-2013 Academic Year. In order for the students to successfully complete the 4-year program, they are expected to take a total of 54 courses (147 credit/hours).


The fundamental objective of the program is to bring up qualified special education teachers who possess the skills to deliver instruction to mentally handicapped students, either individually or in groups, and who can take active roles in the planning, delivery and monitoring of the services pertinent to special education. The program also aims to provide supportive services to children with special needs as well as their families, to raise public awareness regarding individuals with special needs and special education services, to take active roles in the process of determining special education policies, to contribute to the dissemination and development of the special education services, to ensure that demands of the individuals with special needs are catered for in the least restrictive environment, and to make a difference by acting as pioneers in the research to be conducted in the area of special education.


The department houses modern classrooms, fully-equipped computer laboratories and a smart classroom. Students may also benefit from wireless internet access and the library facilities at the university.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue job opportunities as special education teachers at private and state elementary and high schools, special education schools, rehabilitation, counseling and research centers operating under the Ministry of Education both in Turkey and the TRNC. Additionally, they may pursue employment opportunities at the Institute for Social Services and the Protection of the Children. Graduates may also continue their studies at postgraduate level and become specialists or academicians.

Contact Information

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