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Social Sciences Teacher Education Undergraduate Program (Turkish) (B.A., 4 Years)

The four-year Social Sciences Teacher Education Undergraduate Program started offering education in 2007. The fundamental aim of the program is to bring up a qualified teaching force in the relevant field.

General Information

During the first years of the program, the focus is on theory. Following their fifth term, students gain experience both in teaching and learning, thanks to practice courses, research projects and community service applications. Along with courses focusing on practice, students are assigned various homework and projects, all enabling them taking an active role in their learning process.


The four-year Social Sciences Teacher Education Program offers field courses focusing on students’ chosen profession as well as courses focusing on pedagogic formation and general culture. The roles and responsibilities of teachers have changed in today’s changing conditions. Our aim is to bring up qualified teachers who possess the skills to organize, review and implement their teaching skills in line with the global changes.


Our courses are offered by prominent academic staff members who give students opportunities for academic tutorials outside class hours. The University has a modern library which offers field-related books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and periodicals for students. The Elementary School Department also offers internship and field practice opportunities for students at various institutions of education.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue employment opportunities as social sciences teachers at state or private schools operating under the Ministry of Education. They may also deliver courses on Citizenship, Democracy, Education, Turkish History of Revolution and Kemalism.


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