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Secondary School Mathematics Teacher Education Undergraduate Program (Turkish) *

Department of Mathematics and Science Education / Faculty of Education
Degree: B.S.
Duration (Years): 4
Language: Turkish

General Information

Mathematics Teacher Education Program is one of the teacher education programs of the Secondary School Areas Education Department . This program is of five years in duration which aims to produce mathematics teachers for high schools. It is of utmost importance that graduates have the skills and abilities to adjust themselves to new education programs and communication technologies, have inquiry skills, are competent in teaching, sophisticated, and responsive to developments who can play a leading role in the field of mathematics education. The program is approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates earn the title of Mater’s degree without Thesis which is regarded as an advantage when they start work.


Mathematics Teacher Education Program is a five-dimensional teacher education program. The first dimension includes area courses about mathematics. The second, third and fourth dimensions consist of professional studies - teaching mathematics and practice teaching courses. The fifth one is about general culture courses. In addition to theoretical knowledge this program also gives importance to practical applications. Therefore, in assessing student achievement, in addition to mid-term and final exams practical tasks and projects are also taken into consideration.


The teaching staff of mathematics teacher education program consist of competent academicians. In addition to mathematics courses, computer and computer programming courses were added to the program to improve students’ computer knowledge and skills. Moreover, there are various Turkish and English written resources about mathematics and computers in the university library for students. Students can also spend their free time, make new hobbies and improve their abilities through joining clubs such as mathematics, dancing, photography, theatre and cinema as well as Kemalist Thought Association within university.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Mathematics Teacher Education Program gain qualified teacher status after a five-year education and can work in public and private high schools as well as in private tutoring instututions. In addition to this, as the program is computer-assissted they can also work in information technology departments of public and private institutions.

Contact Information

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