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Medicine Undergraduate Program (Joint Program with Iran University of Medical Sciences) (M.D., 7 Years)


The program has been developed within the framework of joint education and training scheme and will be conducted in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Medicine and Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). The program has been envisioned upon common mission of providing state of art education in Medicine with utmost international exposure.

The MD program is 7 years where the Pre-clinical Phase (1-3 years) will be conducted by EMU in north Cyprus and the clinical phases (4-7 years including summer school terms) will be conducted by IUMS in Tehran, Iran.

Students who complete their pre-clinical phase will be offered 50% scholarship during the clinical phase of their education at IUMS. Pre-clinical phase of medical training will take place at EMU and its affiliated public hospitals - including the biggest state hospital Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital -serving all districts in north Cyprus. During the pre-clinical studies, the medical students will have the opportunity to learn Farsi as this will be crucial in patient-doctor communication during the clinical phase. Clinical phase of the medical training will take place in 17 hospitals affiliated with IUMS including specialized hospitals such as Shahid Fahmideh Pediatrics Hospital (est. 1952) serving over 87000 patients annually and houses 29 research centers such as Gastro intestinal and Liver Diseases Research Center. The diplomas which shall bear the titles of both Universities.

The joint program aims to bring together education, research and patient care offering the students opportunity to be part of cutting-edge medical research. The joint curriculum integrates basic science education and clinical instruction with community-based learning. Education in medical history, ethics, even literature informs and expands the learning experience. Throughout the curriculum, the emphasis is on small-group and seminar learning is emphasized. Students engage face-to-face, work shoulder-to-shoulder with leading physicians, scientists and medical educators.

Please follow this link for admission enquiries and for admission requirements to the joint Medical Doctor degree program:


EMU Medical School faculty delivers high quality teaching through a strong team of teaching staff with international recognition and experience. Trainers maintain a highly interactive atmosphere during classes and practical sessions and facilitate a close-knit and supportive teaching environment to fully support the students’ academic, personal and professional development. Students learn about critical thinking and analysis from quite early on and are encouraged to practice these skills, voice their opinions freely and constructively. Students receive structured training on research, learn to interpret evidence based medicine and are assisted with research projects from quite early on. Training is provided in a well-designed environment including most up to date scientific research and education laboratories. There are four well-equipped student laboratories with advanced sound and image systems for basic science disciplines and laboratory practices. Additionally, there are four laboratories for research and practical sessions. The faculty’s exercise lab is equipped according to the latest technology for students to practice and verify their data learned in applied Biophysics and Physiology courses. The anatomy laboratory is equipped with advanced individual 3D viewing technology supported with cadaveric material, dissection tables and models identical to each human organ, enabling students to study and combine clinical knowledge and its application in the most up to date standards. A state of the art computer laboratory is used for the application of theoretical knowledge learnt in biostatistics. Besides the university library, the faculty has its own medical library and also encompasses student club rooms, recreational rooms, sports rooms and cafeteria.


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