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English Language Teaching (Joint Program with Gazi University) *

Department of Foreign Language Education / Faculty of Education
Degree: B.A.
Duration (Years): 4
Language: English

English Language Teaching (Joint Program with Gazi University)

The ELT Department is the oldest as well as the founding department of the Education Faculty; between 1999-2000 the department played an instrumental role the establishment of the Education Faculty at EMU. Since its establishment in 1995 the ELT Department has produced over 1.000 BA, MA and PhD graduates from 14 nationalities.

The ELT Department’s mission is to provide contemporary tertiary education, in line with the University mission statement, to maintain quality standards in teaching and research at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to keep abreast of the academic developments and professional innovations, and to meet the educational challenges in the globalizing world.

General Information

Throughout the BA studies a well-balanced emphasis on theory and application is maintained in that commencing with the first year of language work and culminating with school experience and teaching practice at the close, students have opportunities to relate theory to practice and to explore career options. Moreover, a range of area core elective courses provide students with opportunities to familiarize themselves with the most recent developments in the field. The program curriculum covers most of the courses that are considered critical to successful language instruction such as linguistics foundation, approaches to ELT, special teaching methods, teaching language skills, language acquisition, research methods, classroom management, materials development, testing and evaluation, as well as other courses crucial to effective teaching performance and professional growth.


The qualification goal of the BA Program is to train all-rounded modern language teachers of English. The central idea of the program is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive training for BA students so that they can acquire an adequate competence in English language teaching.


ELT Department is an institutional member of 2 major professional organizations, International Association of Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL); therefore ELT students can benefit from a range of TESOL and IATEFL publications for their studies and projects. The Department organizes various socio-cultural activities as well as International ELT Conferences, workshops, symposia. Students can attend plenary speeches, sessions and workshops given and held by ELT scholars and practitioners from all over the world. The ELT Department has 2 Seminar Rooms for students’ self-study, and a library. The ELT Library located on departmental premises has acquired over 200 classic as well as most recent and pertinent academic and professional resources and it has become one of the premier departmental research libraries at EMU.

Career Opportunities

The target profile of the BA program is English language teachers at the elementary and secondary level of pre-university education, as well as English teachers at the preparatory and freshman levels of the tertiary education. The department takes into account requirements of contemporary English language teaching career through the provision of the relevant professional as well as vocational courses. At the culmination of the BA Program, career-integrated studies are complemented and enhanced through School Experience and Teaching Practice which provide valuable input and opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to practice. The BA ELT graduates have successfully performed in state examinations for English language teaching positions at the elementary and secondary levels of the state educational system in TRNC and Turkey; they have also been preferred in the private sector. In terms of other career options, ELT graduates can also get jobs in various state and private institutions as translators / interpreters and councellors. Those graduates who meet admission requirements for postgraduate programs are admitted either by EMU or universities overseas. They have opportunities for further advanced academic studies in the field;therefore, they compare favourably with other candidates and improve their job opportunities.

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