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Banking and Insurance Associate Program (Turkish) *

Degree: A.B.I.
Duration (Years): 2
Medium of Instruction: Turkish

The fundamental mission of the Eastern Mediterranean University School of Computing and Technology, Banking and Insurance Associate Program is to bring up intermediate workforce for the banking, finance and insurance sectors. With this purpose, students of the Banking and Insurance program are provided with modern educational techniques, both in theory and practice. During the two-year education, students are offered an array of courses on applied banking and insurance, computerized accounting, business, economics and law.


The program focuses on the following topics and objectives:

  • Basic principles of banking and insurance
  • Computer technologies in banking and insurance
  • Working effectively both individually and in a team
  • The importance of banking and insurance for the state
  • Professional ethics
  • Awareness of responsibilities as a member of the intermediate workforce between senior and junior level of staff.
  • Awareness of the rules and regulations regarding the profession

Advantages of the Program

  • Program graduates are skilled at using relevant computer package programs
  • Profession related correspondence, documentation, information gathering and storage may be carried out through computers,
  • Program graduates are well-informed about the documents used in their profession.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue employment opportunities in the following areas/sectors:

  • Central Banks
  • State and Private Banks
  • Offshore Banks
  • Finance Institutions
  • Insurance and Accounting Companies
  • Stock Markets

Contact Information

Tel: +90 392 630 1245
Fax: +90 392 365 1574