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Upcoming Elections Discussed in EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty’s Panel

Upcoming Elections Discussed in EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty’s Panel

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Radio Television Film and Journalism Department organised a panel entitled “Presidential Elections: Politics and Journalism” at EMU Mustafa Afşin Ersoy Hall.

Having taken place under the moderatorship of Eastern Mediterranean University, Business and Economics Faculty, International Relations Department  academic staff member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yücel Vural, the panel hosted SİM TV Executive Director Sami Özuslu, Aysu Basri from Gazete 360, Derviş Doğan from Havadis Daily and Hasan Hastürer from Cyprus Daily News.

The panel focused on candidates’election campaigns, candidates’ advantages and disadvantages, the evaluation of public-opinion polls, differences between the upcoming elections and former elections, Cyprus conflict and other important items. Media representatives who attended the panel provided the following comments on the upcoming presidential elections.

Hastürer: “Looks like Turkey is not intervening this time”

Hasan Hastürer stated that this is the first time  that Turkey is not intervening in the elections. Adding that each election has its own qualities, Hastürer stated that we are going through an election process during which we will specify our own dynamics.

Basri: “This is the first time that we cannot predict the result”

Aysu Basri stated that this is the first time that we cannot predict the result. Putting forth that it was easier to predict the results of the former elections, Basri added that this time we cannot predict. The majority believes that there will be a second round.

Özuslu: “The general atmosphere is quiet and has no excitement”

Evaluating the election atmoshpere, Sami Özuslu stated that compared to former elections, the process towards the upcoming presidential elections lack excitement and liveliness. Özuslu  added that formerly, meetings carried great importance. However, for the upcoming elections, only one candidate held a meeting. In the past, meetings were really important. Traditionally, a meeting was held in every village. However, the current elections hosted no shows.  Özuslu  added that social media has been intensively used for presidential elections.

Doğan: “The most popular topic in elections is Cyprus Conflict”

Derviş Doğan stated that despite the fact that Cyprus Conflict is the first agenda item in these elections, the solution to the problem depends on external dynamics, not internal ones. Derviş Doğan added that as the most important agenda item in the upcoming elections is Cyprus conflict like the former ones, they are no different.