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Two New Programs from EMU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

Two New Programs from EMU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to introduce two new bachelor’s programs. ‘Biomedical Engineering’ and ‘Electronics and Communication Engineering’ programs, approved by YÖDAK (Higher Education Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Council) are to commence as of April 2018 and will accept the first students for the 2018 – 2019 Spring Term. The duration of the programs will be 4 years and the courses will be delivered in English.

Biomedical Engineering

EMU Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Program, a multidisciplinary program that implements the principles of engineering in biology and health services, has collaboratively been developed by the Departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as well as Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. Graduates of this program will work in cooperation with biologists, doctors of medicine and pharmacists.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

EMU Electronics and Communication Engineering Bachelor’s Program will bring up confident and enterprising engineers who can successfully utilise the engineering tools and methods used in the rapidly growing electronics and communication industries, design new communication tools and methods, are equipped with international languages and cultures and can work as a team.