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‘The fish doesn’t think..Because fish knows everything’

‘The fish doesn’t think..Because fish knows everything’

Taking place under the coordinatorship of Assoc. Dr. Senih Çavuşoğlu, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department postgraduate students organised “ Fish doesn’t think.. Because fish knows everything” artistic activity within the framework of Workshop- I course.

The students prepared their written/visual projects by using “Guerilla Art” which uses elements of light and shadow  to confront people at the most unexpected times and places.  

Guerilla Art, by definition, generally embraces social and political matters and not only informs the society but also shares ideas related to those matters.The students created interesting and creative projects based on catchword “Fish doesn’t think, because fish knows everything” taken from Bosnian director Emir Kusturica’s movie “Arizona Dream”. The projects were exhibited all day long at Famagusta Public Beach on 7 December 2016.

“Fish doesn’t think! Because fish knows everything.’

Yes, it is worth to ‘think’ on it...

EMU Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department Vice Chair Assoc. Dr. Senih Çavuşoğlu stated his views about the organisation as follows:

“Actually this is an inner journey based on the aim of living in the moment by not being too concerned about the future and the past and living the only reality, “the moment” without having any fears and worries. It is about living the life without overthinking, over calculating, and without consulting our memory which is the mechanism of collecting codes, clichés and stereotypes since the day we were born.

There are plenty of things that we are doing without ever feeling the need to think about it. Do you know why? Because there are no fears beneath!

Fish doesn’t think, because fish knows everything...

Yes, because it is the people who think. The moment when the fears step in, people start thinking. Eventually, we choose new and provisory roles for ourselves based on our fears and then live our lives accordingly.