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Teachers Share Experiences at EMU Elementary Education Department

Teachers Share Experiences at EMU Elementary Education Department

Within the scope of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Education, Department of Elementary Education 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester Teaching Practice II course, teacher candidates and department alumni came together. Ayşegül Akgül Eke, a graduate of 2009, and Muazzez Oktay, a graduate of 2014, shared their experiences in the field with teacher candidates, within the scope of the event titled "Teachers Sharing Experiences". Having taken place with the theme "Being an Educational Manager at the New Normal", the event is being held for the second time this year. 

Lifelong Learning: Key to Success 

Ayşegül Akgül Eke, Principal of Antalya Döşemealtı Saime Salih Konca Kindergarten, and Muazzez Oktay, owner of the Lucky Duck Learning Center, informed the teacher candidates about the basic requirements, difficulties and responsibilities of working as a preschool education institution manager, and the arrangements they made in their institutions due to the pandemic period. Emphasizing the contribution of the knowledge and experience they gained during their undergraduate education at EMU in terms of their professional development, the speakers emphasized the importance of being an educator open to lifelong learning in order to be successful in the profession.

“Alumni will Continue to Meet with Candidates”

EMU Education Faculty, Elementary Education Department Chair Prof. Dr. Ayşe Işık Gürşimşek expressed her gratitude to the graduates and to the lecturers in charge of the course for contributing to the career planning of the graduate candidates. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Işık Gürşimşek also added that this event, which they held within the scope of the Teaching Practice course, made a significant contribution to the career planning of prospective teachers who have reached the graduation stage. Stating that with this event, the pre-school teacher candidates of the Pre-School Program and Elementary Education Program had the opportunity to meet with their colleagues who went through the same process as them and they had the opportunity to get information about different career opportunities and ask questions they were curious about. Prof. Dr. Gürşimşek said that the Department of Elementary Education Pre-School Teaching Program is accredited by AQAS and that activities to bring together graduates of the department and teacher candidates will continue in the coming years, within the scope of the department's quality teacher training policy.