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Tablets in Education at EMU Computer Engineering Department

Tablets in Education at EMU Computer Engineering Department

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering Department is getting ready for innovation by providing students the opportunity of using tablets in their education. For the course Foundations of Computer Engineering, in which students learn programming and the structures of analytic thought, tablet use aims to simplify the learning process by diversifying learning with the addition of visual materials.

Computer Engineering Department academic staff member Selin Bitirim carried out the first workshop informing students about the tablets that will be used for education in the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year Fall Semester.

The application “Playgrounds” developed by Apple is used to improve problem solving and programming skills of students. As a result of virtual characters and targets programming is made more interesting and learning easy. Creating programming in a 3 dimensional visual environment connected to the course topics is made possible. Therefore, the topics that create the foundation of programming can be relayed to students in a simpler manner.

Feedback from the students indicated that they are very satisfied about using tablets in their education. Academic staff member Selin Bitirim noted that with tablets in education a topic that would previously take a long time to explain can be explained in a quicker and more practical manner, creating a more enjoyable experience for the students who will easily be able to grasp the core concepts of a topic. Bitirim also noted that in the future tablets will play a more active role in education.