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Students of EMU Overcome Barriers

Students of EMU Overcome Barriers

Students of Eastern Mediterranean University continue to introduce new social responsibility projects organised within the operations of Eastern Mediterranean University Community Involvement Center. 

Within the framework of the project prepared in accordance with the Community Services course delivered by EMU academic staff member Barış Başel, Eastern Mediterranean University Educational Sciences Faculty, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department 4th year students organised a conterence entitled 'Share the Life with Me, Not the Disability'. The main speakers of the conference were Cyprus Handicapped Association chair Günay Kibrit, Murat Katrin, Sedat Hacımehmet and Çelen Çağansoy. 

Stating that he has lived in the TRNC for 32 years as a physically handicapped individual, Kibrit put forth that he worked in collaboration with a considerable number of non-governmental organisations and took part in numerous projects. Stating that every single day, they question the limited progress they made in this area, Kibrit said that they are unable to make plans for future. Kibrit also put forth that in fighting disabilities, the TRNC was better equipped than Turkey until 2004. However, it is unfortunate that during the current time, we are 10 years backwards than Turkey. 

Following Kibrit, Sedat Hacımehmet took the stage and stated that he is currently employed at a TV channel with one of his close friends Murat Katrin. Expressing his determination in continuing the fight for the disabled, Hacımehmet complained about the parking spaces designated for the disabled being occupied by others with no disabilities. Hacımehmet stated that for people as such penal sanctions should be implemented. 

Following Hacımehmet, Murat Katrin started his speech by giving information on the concept of ‘awareness and sensitivity”. Stating that the government and the architects are the two parties creating barriers for the disabled, Katrin put forth that they will continue their struggle as usual. In her speech, Çelen Çağansoy stated that she was born as a spastic and added that this disorder may happen during labour or post labour stage due to low oxygen flow to the brain. Çağansoy put forth that she encounters motor system problems and is unable to move on her own. 

Following the speakers, Turkish Cypriot singer Mehmet Geçit entertained the audience with his songs. 

On the other hand, EMU Communication Faculty Public Relations and Advertising Department students Gül Angı, Mehmet Güven, Gül Gül and Cansu Tuncay participated in a project entitled “Let’s Watch a Film without Barriers”. Taking place under the coordinatorship of academic staff member Anıl Kemal Kaya, 50 disabled children were given the opportunity of watching a movie entitled “Madagascar” at Famagusta Lemar Shopping Center. 

Another project by Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty, Public Relations and Advertising Department students Samet Bıyıklı, Fadıl Isgandarov, Fuad Safaraliyev and Sirac Talibov took place under the supervision of academic staff member Umut Ayman .The activity which was organised towards the students of İrfan Nadir Rehabilitation Center was sponsored by Famagusta Pierre Loti and Meeting Place. 

Within the framework of the project, students of İrfan Nadir Rehabilitation Center had breakfast at Famagusta Meeting Place. After breakfast, students were taken to Pierre Loti and had great time at a party specially organised for them.