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SCT Electrical and Electronics Technology Department Continues with Vocational Observation Visits

SCT Electrical and Electronics Technology Department Continues with Vocational Observation Visits

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Computing and Technology (SCT) Electrical and Electronic Department students continue with their traditional occupational observing visits in scope of Renewable Energy course. SCT delivers its education programs with social and professional responsibility, aims to graduate its students in accordance with the present conditions and prepare them with the necessary equipment, information and skills for the related sector.

Ignoring the nature and emissions from fossil fuel use is causing global warming and breaks the ecological balance of our world. It is necessary to use alternative and renewable energy sources to avoid climate catastrophes. In this context, Electrical and Electronics Department students visited a solar power plant. The visit to Vadili’s 1 MW solar power plant took place under the supervision of EMU SCT Instructor Ahmet Köylüoğlu, on 2nd December 2019 Monday. During the visit, North Cyprus Turkcell Engineer and EMU graduate Tayfun Atısoy gave information about the facility.

EMU SCT Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazife Dimililer stated that they will continue to organize such observation visits during the upcoming weeks and that these kind of events and opportunities will increase the efficiency considering the professions that the students will choose. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimililer said, “Occupational technical visits are helping the students for learning the recent applications at the related sector. Also, one of the biggest advantages is the education they receive and the skills they gather from the university and they will be used when they start their business life. This increases the motivation of our students and accordingly, their success. These types of visits also raise the awareness of the students for selecting the area that they will specialize in.”

As a first in TRNC, Electrical and Electronic Department of EMU SCT has been accredited by ASIIN. The program boasts a diploma that is recognised all over the world and continues to bring up graduates equipped with current information and skills.