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Övünç Meriç at EMU for 5th International Career Week

Övünç Meriç at EMU for 5th International Career Week

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Communication Faculty hosted Maltepe University Communication Faculty Visual Communication Design Department Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Övünç Meriç within the framework of the 5th International Career Week.

During the talk titled “Strategy Production in Social Media” Meriç shared his work on the digital age and social media with students. The opening speech was made by EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty Journalism Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurten Kara who thanked all in attendance and wished them a productive talk.

“New Media is Removing Borders”

Highlighting the border removing affect new media has on nation states Meriç stated; “socio-economic, political, cultural and marketing social media strategies gain importance in a globalising world”. In addition, Meriç talked about target audience, visuality, interactiveness and user tendencies in social media. The talk ended after audience questions, social media strategy workshops and a group photo.

Nurten Kara, Övünç Meriç

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