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New Postgraduate Program from EMU School of Computing and Technology

New Postgraduate Program from EMU School of Computing and Technology

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Computing and Technology launched the “Information Technology Master’s Program with Thesis (English medium)” by using the school’s only master’s program, the Information Technology Master’s Program without Thesis (Turkish medium), that holds ASIIN accreditation as well as the EuroInf certificate of quality as an infrastructure for the new program which is highly demanded by students. TRNC Higher Education Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) and Republic of Turkey Council of Higher Education (YÖK) approved new master’s program with thesis started student admissions for 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester. Applications can be done via address.

New Future, New Normal, Rising Field of Occupation: Information Technologies

EMU School of Computing and Technology made a statement regarding the issue; “During the COVID-19 pandemic period, we witnessed the importance of Information technologies on managing every aspect of our lives. The whole world being under a digital transformation and technology evolving towards it, today the notions of “new normal” and “new future” are being used synonymously with Information Technologies. All sector are seeking IT experts. The new master’s program aiming to fulfill its graduates with the recent theoretic and practical information and skills to compete in the sector on a universal level, started student admissions for those who wish to become an “IT expert” or a leader as an academician”.

The statement continues as follows; “Students majoring in directions of their choices with the help of flexible curriculum, student-centered and project-based training system, have various job opportunities in IT sector such as information technology security, internet and mobile programming, e-commerce, software and project management, data bases, web and system management, software engineering and multimedia applications.  Students who successfully complete their studies have a wide range of topics for their thesis work. Security, data mining, artificial intelligence, computer networks and communication, education-computer applications, software development and project management are some of the aforementioned thesis topics”.

Program Content and Admission Requirements

The statement made regarding the reason of EMU School of Computing and Technology launching a new master’s program and the program description is as follows; “The words f “information” and “technology” are very appealing for the students. Within this context, the countries granting scholarships for students to study in EMU especially demand for a master’s program in the field of Information Technologies. With such high demands, we aim to create alternative options for our students. The purpose of launching the Information Technology Master’s Program with Thesis is to meet such demands. Information Technology Master’s Program is an English medium program. The 21-credit, 7-course program with a non-credit seminar course and a thesis work is a 2 year program”.

In the statement made by EMU SCT, it was emphasized that the criteria determined for EMU's post-graduate programs and the decisions of the Information Technologies Graduate Committee are based on the criteria for student admission to the English medium Information Technology Master’s Program, and that having a bachelor's degree in a related field is the main criterion for applications.