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International Media Representatives Visited EMU

International Media Representatives Visited EMU

International media representatives who were invited to the country by the TRNC Ministry of External Affairs as part of the 42nd anniversary of 20 July Peace and Independence Day celebrations paid a visit to Eastern Mediterranean University on 18 July 2016.

The said international media representatives from Kuwait, Serbia, Kosovo, Tanzania, Croatia, Uganda, Nepal, Italy, Slovenia, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Tunusia and Malaysia first attended a meeting held by Vice Rector for International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova at EMU Senate Hall. During the said meeting, Prof. Dr. Tanova provided detailed information about the university. Stressing the fact that EMU is a success story, Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova conveyed the university’s pride in providing high quality study opportunities to around 20,000 student from 106 different countries in a small and unrecognised country with a population of 270 thousand. Prof. Dr. Tanova also provided information about the historical development of EMU and added that on the 37th anniversary of its foundation, the university has produced more than 49,000 graduates who successfully represent EMU throughout the world.

Prof. Dr. Tanova also provided infromation about over 150 academic collaboration agreements the university has established throughout the world with different universities and educational institutions. Prof. Dr. Tanova highlighted the importance of the accreditations for the university and added that it is due to the accreditatitons that Eastern Mediterranean University’s diploma is recognised throughout the world despite the fact that the university is located at an unrecognised country. Touching upon the university’s well-deserved place in Webometrics and URAP rankings (top 5%), Prof. Dr. Tanova added that the university ranks first within Cyprus. Among other notable topics discussed during the meeting were exchange programs, International Summer School, campus infrastructural qualities, residence possibilities, student clubs, social life and educational fees. At the end of his presentation, Prof. Dr. Tanova responded to questions coming from international media representatives.

Following Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova’s presentation, EMU Business and Economics Faculty, Political Science and International Relations Department academic staff member presented information to the media representatives on the Cyprus Conflict and answered questions. Following the completion of the meeting, international media representatives were taken on a campus tour and had a chance to better discover the university. Following a lunch organisation at EMU Tower Restaurant, media representatives left the university.