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Graduate of Public Relations and Advertising Department Şeyma Bayazıt Meets with the Students of EMU at an Online Seminar

Graduate of Public Relations and Advertising Department Şeyma Bayazıt Meets with the Students of EMU at an Online Seminar

As part of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) 9th International Career Days, EMU Communication Faculty, Public Relations and Advertising Department is organising online events bringing students together with experts in their fields.

On 25 March 2021, EMU Public Relations and Advertising Department graduate, successful marketing expert Şeyma Bayazıt met with young communicators with her online presentation on "Marketing Management". Bayazıt, who works as the marketing manager at Rönesans Holding, shared her knowledge and experience with the students and talked about the importance of being prepared and equipped for what is happening in the world.

Emphasizing that individuals who aim to become a professional in the field of Marketing and Public Relations can achieve success by constantly following the agenda, Bayazıt emphasized that one of the most important issue in marketing is to have a vision and the other element is effective communication. Bayazıt drew attention to the point where the digital world has reached today and said that digital marketing should also be integrated into marketing communication activities. Emphasizing the need to become both product-oriented and solution-oriented in the field of marketing, Bayazıt also emphasized the importance of strategic thinking and branding.

Discussing the Covid-19 crisis affecting the whole world with students, Bayazıt said that, evaluating how different sectors are affected, strategic planning should be made in such crises, long-term goals should be specified and strategies should be developed in this context.

“No future can be promised for anything that does not add value"

Stating that almost all sectors have been affected by the pandemic, Bayazıt described the present period as the time to determine targets, strategies and opportunities, and stated that new values ​​should be added to the brand / company in terms of marketing, and promises cannot be given for anything that does not add value.

“I Put the Theoretical Education I Received at EMU into Practice"

Stating that she improved himself by putting the theoretical education into practice, Bayazıt also recommended this to young communicators. "Try to be on the field, ask questions to learn and create your own opportunities, the more knowledge, the more development," she said.  Bayazıt  also highlighted the importance of self-improvement.

Awarded for the Pioneering Study Conducted in Turkey

Bayazıt expressed that she has received an award with her project at the TÜBİTAK Science Festival and stated her happiness for this. Satisfied with the interest shown towards the seminar, Bayazıt said that she is always proud to be a graduate of EMU, Public Relations and Advertising Department and added that she would definitely like to visit EMU after the present challenging process.