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Famous Legal Professional Prof. Dr. Mezzetti Visited EMU

Famous Legal Professional Prof. Dr. Mezzetti Visited EMU

As part of the collaboration settled between the University of Bologna, Faculty of Law, the heir to the oldest faculty of Law in the world, and Eastern Mediterranean University,  Bologna University Law Faculty academic staff member Prof. Dr. Luca Mezzetti paid a visit to EMU Law Faculty. During his stay in EMU, famous legal professional Prof. Dr. Mezzetti delivered a talk on “Legal Studies in Italy and Collaboration Programs between EMU and Bologna University”.

During the organisation which attracted great interest, Prof. Dr. Luca Mezzetti also responded to students’ questions on life in Italy, legal studies at the University of Bologna, and the details of the joint legal studies program carried out by the University of Bologna and Eastern Mediterranean University.  At the end of his talk, Prof. Dr. Luca Mezzetti also stated that similar joint program possibilities in different faculties can be established between the two universities.

“Students of EMU Have the Chance to Study in Italy”

Among notable questions raised by students were the possibilities offered to students in the “Comparative Legal Systems” joint postgraduate program, other postgraduate programs offered by the University of Bologna Law Faculty, transportation and accommodation in Italy. Providing detailed information on the joint program, Prof. Dr. Luca Mezzetti put forth that students registering for the Comparative Legal Systems Postgraduate Program may spend one semester at the University of Bologna as part of the student exchange scheme. Adding that the graduates of the said program may pursue their doctoral studies anywhere in the world, Prof. Dr. Mezzetti also provided information on the academic career in the field of legal studies in Italy.

Prof. Dr. Mezzetti also participated in a panel titled “Discriminative Acts”, an event organised by EMU Law Faculty. During the said event which was held in English, EMU Business and Economics Faculty, Political Science and International Relations Department academic staff member Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen talked about “Discriminative Acts in the International Community” and Bologna University Law Faculty Academic Staff Member Prof. Dr. Luca Mezzetti provided his evaluations from a constitutional perspective.

Prof. Dr. Osam Received Prof. Dr. Mezzetti

Rector of EMU Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam received Prof. Dr. Mezzetti, EMU Law Faculty Vice Dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Arzu Alibaba and academic staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Demet Çelik Ulusoy in his office. At the meeting which was also attended by EMU Vice Rector  for International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova,  both parties provided their evaluations regarding the existing collaborations between the two universities as well as prospective activities. At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Osam thanked Prof. Dr. Mezzetti for his contributions to the joint program as well as for his visit to EMU.