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EMU’s New Information Systems and Technologies Program Awaiting Its Students

EMU’s New Information Systems and Technologies Program Awaiting Its Students

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Computing and Technology (SCT) continues to enrich the educational programs it offers in line with its mission. Delivered in the medium of English, the Information Systems and Technologies Undergraduate and Information Technologies Master's Programs have achieved the free movement of its graduates all over the world and especially in Europe through the obtainment of the international ASIIN accreditation. The School of Computing and Technology has also registered the quality of education in the field of Informatics by achieving the EuroInf label granted by EQAINE. Achieving firsts in this regard, not only on our island, but also in the whole region, EMU SCT continues its leadership in IT and Technology education.

Preparing to receive its the first students during the Fall Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year,  the Turkish-medium Information Systems and Technologies Undergraduate Program offers high quality study opportunities with its experienced academic and administrative staff. With its information-oriented approach and interdisciplinary education infrastructure, the said program aims to train versatile IT professionals, who are effective and competent in their fields and can operate successfully in today's complex business environments. The curriculum is constantly updated according to the innovations and developments in the field of informatics and the needs of the sector. The curriculum, developed in accordance with international standards, provides students with all the up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge required by the industry and science field. In addition, elective courses that are developed in line with the constantly changing needs of the informatics industry allow our students to specialize in subjects of their choice such as cyber security, mobile applications, and computers.

We have once again witnessed the importance of information systems and technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine process, which are currently affecting our world. Today, information systems and technologies have become an indispensable part of all areas of our lives. 1 million programmers employment policy released in Turkey has clearly revealed the importance of it. There is a serious potential in this field, which stands out with 1 million projects, and according to experts, countries with a strong digital employment force will also stand out in global competition. Digital transformation will play a key role for all companies in the coming years. Many companies, big or small, are transforming their working process online. However, the concepts and formations that come into our lives directly summarize the current state of information technologies.

It is clearly seen that there is an important potential for those who want to pursue a career in the field of information systems and technologies as the sector grows at high speed. There is an increasing need for qualified and certified human resources in the IT sector. Graduates of the said programs will be able to meet the growing demand in this field in the best way possible. Therefore, graduates will surely be successful in an environment that is accepted as the "new future".

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Information Systems and Technologies Department provide services in all areas of the information sector. In addition to specialisation in the information sector, the curriculum followed offers the opportunity to gain knowledge in all areas from in-house management to marketing, from personal communication techniques to accounting accounts. Although it varies according to the career areas, it acts as a bridge between the Information Systems and Technologies specialist, software developer and company management, providing ease of information flow and agreement. An  information technologist is the party that uses technology and integrates it into businesses. In this context, besides the software sector, they can find jobs in the public and private sectors in subjects such as banking, telecommunication field, strategic management, financial management, data mining, electronic business management, artificial intelligence and decision support systems. Graduates who want to pursue an academic career have a theoretical infrastructure that allows them to continue in all fields related to informatics. In addition, thanks to our flexible curriculum offered by EMU SCT, they will be able to achieve success by moving to other scientific fields and using their expertise in informatics.

Information Systems and Technologies graduates are qualified to work in various positions in the information sector and in all related fields. Computer Technologies Department graduates may work as web designers and development specialists, system specialists, software developers and adaptors, virtual reality specialists, cloud systems and mobile application developers, system designers and managers, project managers, database designers and managers, big data specialists and security specialists, software and computer network managers and, system architects.

Further information about the program may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office at 630 12 16 and 630 12 17, via and