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EMU Visits Lebanon

EMU Visits Lebanon

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) attended a workshop titled “Pioneer Development Projects: Experiences and Lessons” organised by the University of Lebanon in collaboration with the Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus Campus. Eastern Mediterranean University was represented at the said workshop by EMU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Özgür Eren, Civil Engineering Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan Şensoy, Vice Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Eriş Uygar and Academic Staff Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giray Özay. A collaboration protocol between one of the reputable universities of Lebanon, Al Manar University and Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) was also signed during the visit.

EMU Visits Lebanon

On the first day of the visits, EMU team visited Lebanon Al Manar University Rector Prof. Dr. Sami Menkara at the Rector’s office and a joint collaboration protocol was signed between the two institutions. During the said visit, the visiting team exchanged information on prospective accreditations and joint collaboration projects. EMU team then visited the Chair of the Lebanon Chamber of Engineers on the same day and possible accreditations and future collaborations were discussed.

 Prof. Dr. Özgür Eren, Prof. Dr. Sami Menkara

On the second day of  EMU’s visit to Lebanon, a joint workshop titled “Pioneer Development Projects: Experiences and Lessons” took place. Touching upon the topics of petrol and gas management, the importance of water in environmental management, renovation of the historical buildings and waste management, the workshop also hosted EMU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Özgür Eren’s speech delivered on behalf of Eastern Mediterranean University.

As part of the event, Prof. Dr. Özgür Eren and Asst. Prof. Dr. Eriş Uygar delivered presentations on “Waste Management”  whilst Assoc. Dr. Giray Özay gave a presentation on “The Renovation and Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings”.

At the end of the speeches, Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Lebanon University Rector Prof. Dr. Fouad Ayoub and workshop organizer Dr. Rouba Dalati were presented silver plates on behalf of EMU.