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EMU Staff Member's Outstanding Success

EMU Staff Member's Outstanding Success

Eastern Mediterranean University administrative staff member and Cyprus Photography Arts Association member Nihal Sakarya achieved remarkable success in Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition 2016 organised by the Cyprus Photographic Society, a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art  (FIAP).


Sakarya took part in the open color category of the said competition with 4 photographs, three of which (Ceylin, Lemonade, Three Pink Beauty) received the highest score (88) within Cyprus, bringing her a gold medal in the “Best Cypriot Author” award. Expressing her pleasure in receiving the said award, Sakarya also added that one of her photos was nominated for exhibition in the “Photo Travel”  category.


The competition which was held in three categories as open color, open monochrome, and photo travel hosted 883 photos of 80 Cypriot photographers. A total of 132 photos were selected during the said competition. Along with awards and exhibitions, the best photographer of the country was also selected during the competition.

Three Pink Beauty