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EMU-SCT Visits Famagusta Namık Kemal High School

EMU-SCT Visits Famagusta Namık Kemal High School

The Eastern Mediterranean University School of Computing and Technology (EMU-SCT) carried out a visit to the Famagusta Namık Kemal High School to increase collaboration in vocational education between the schools as well as to provide information to students.

During the visit, EMU-SCT Director Prof. Dr. Mustafa İlkan delivered a presentation titled “Possibilities, Opportunities and Guidance in Vocational Education”. In the said presentation Prof. Dr. İlkan emphasized the importance of vocational education and relayed future projections. Prof. Dr. İlkan also expressed the possibilities, opportunities and advantages of registering to EMU-SCT after the completion of high school.

Famagusta Namık Kemal High School officials also highlighted the importance of collaboration, indicating that they are very pleased to be collaborating with EMU to improve vocational education in the country as to bring it to the desired level. In addition, Prof. Dr. İlkan contributed by providing students with information on the Electrical and Electronics Technology and the Biomedical Equipment Technology programs.

Senior Instructor Ahmet Burak Keşkek provided information about the Mapping and Cadastral Survey program whilst Asst. Prof. Dr. Ece Çelik provided information about the Construction Technology program. Computer Programming and Information Technology Coordinator Akile Oday and Vice-Coordinator Şensev İlkan also provided extensive information about their programs.