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EMU Organised an Exhibition on “Design in Fighting Crimes”

EMU Organised an Exhibition on “Design in Fighting Crimes”

Within the framework of the postgraduate course entitled “Design in Fighting Crimes”, Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department organized a design exhibition reflecting the problems of students’ countries.

Palestinian, Nigerian, Turkish, Iranian, Jordanian and Turkish Cypriot students’ works on human rights, child brides, animal rights, female circumcision, disabled individuals and virtual piracy were exhibited at Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design exhibition hall.

Course instructor of “Design in Fighting Crimes” Assist. Prof. Dr. Aysu Arsoy stated that the course aims to bring crimes of informatics and social media into the attention of others. Assist. Prof. Dr. Arsoy also put forth that students possess the skills and qualities to successfully express the crimes committed in their countries and that their aim in organising this exhibition was to create user-friendly environments.

Students’ Comments on the Exhibition

Omid Kalantar MOTAMEDI - Iran

I am a postgraduate student at Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department. In my piece of work, I wanted to concentrate on a frequently committed crime in Iran’s Esfehan city. I took the acid attacks on females as my main theme and designed a series of signs and posters under the heading of “Human Rights”. 

Oluwarobi Emmanuel ENGOWON  - Nigeria

Within the framework of “Design in Fighting Crimes” course, I worked on female circumcision applied on girls in Nigeria and its traumatic effects on children. I believe violence applied on girls and female circumcision in Africa is a very dangerous and harmful situation.


My project was on animal rights in Iran as I believe no one cares about animals there. Hence, my project aimed to defend animal rights. I feel lucky in studying at Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department. I strongly believe that I will pursue success following my graduation from this wonderful program.

Elal HERBUWI- Palestine

My work was on integrating the disabled into the society. I specifically tried to raise the community’s awareness on the needs of the disabled. I feel privileged in being a part of EMU.

Nael JABER – Palestine

Through my piece of work, I wanted to take the attentions to child labor in Palestine. My work reflected the fact that in Palestine, not all children have equal opportunities. EMU always enhances our learning through different activities and projects.


I worked on the virtual piracy in the game sector as well as plagiarism on the digital media. I am extremely pleased with studying in EMU as well as the opportunities presented to us here.


I focused on domestic violence, a frequently encountered event in Cyprus which is artificially considered to be non-existent. I believe children who are victims of domestic violence go through serious traumas at the adulthood stage.

Awes RAHALL – Palestine

In my project, I exhibited my opinion on crimes of informatics through signs and posters.

Thu, 28 December 2017

Academic Workshop from EMU-CRCP