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EMU Molecular Biology and Genetics Program Earns AHPGS Accreditation

EMU Molecular Biology and Genetics Program Earns AHPGS Accreditation

Along with the pride of bringing up the first group of graduates at the end of the 2014-2015 Academic Year, Eastern Mediterranean University, Arts and Sciences Faculty, Molecular Biology and Genetics Program is living the happiness of earning the AHPGS accreditation. Centered in Germany, AHPGS is an accreditation agency in  Health and Social Sciences. The AHPGS promotes the quality and transparency of undergraduate and postgraduate programs through accreditation procedures applied both in Germany and abroad.  

After a year of preparations for the said accreditation, Eastern Mediterranean University’s Molecular Biology and Genetics program has undergone the evaluation of a team of experts from AHPGS. Following the evaluation, the said program received the accreditation of the AHPGS during the Spring Semester of 2015. The said accreditation which has been awarded until 2020 is an indicator of the international quality of Molecular Biology and Genetics Program.

It is worth mentioning that Molecular Biology and Genetics Program is the first program receiving such accreditation both within the programs of Eastern Mediterranean University’s Arts and Sciences Faculty and the TRNC.

Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Taneri  Güder and Vice Chair Assist. Prof. Dr. Adil Şeytanoğlu stated that the first graduates of the program have been pursuing their postgraduate studies in England and Turkey.  Currently, the program which offers a multi-cultural educational environment boasts over 300 students from over 20 different countries.  The percentage of international student population in the program is about 60%. The department also houses a group of dynamic academicians who graduated from prominent institutions in the USA, the U.K. and Turkey.