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EMU-MIKA Completes the First Phase of the Career Development Program

EMU-MIKA Completes the First Phase of the Career Development Program

The first phase of the “Career Development Program” organised by the Eastern Mediterranean University Alumni Communications and Career Research Directorate (MIKA) was successfully completed. The program aims to prepare prospective graduates for their professional careers.

Director of EMU Alumni Communications and Career Research Center Derviş Ekşici stated that the first phase of the program hosted seminars delivered by experts including Vodafone Human Resources Training and Recruitment Senior Specialist İnci Moreket’s Interview Techniques and Live Interviews, EMU Academic Staff Member and International Office Coordinator Ozan İnamlık’s Personal Marketing and Career Plan and EMU academic staff member Turan Değirmencioğlu’s CV, Cover Letter and Statement of Purpose Writing Techniques.

Director Derviş Ekşici also added that during the second phase of the program, prospective graduates will be integrated into the program regarding ‘Job Seeking Techniques’. At the end of the program, Ekşici presented a gift to İnci Moreket for her contributions and thanked all speakers for their valuable support and participation in the program.

Stating that the seminars will continue in an increasing fashion, Ekşici  put forth that the Career Center operating under MIKA was established in the light of the findings regarding cultural and social problems students encounter. Highlighting the young generation’s need for support in this regard, Ekşici stated that one of the most important problems of the current day is the lack of platforms bringing together those seeking employment and those looking for employees. Ekşici  concluded his words by stating that the seminars they organise will hopefully bridge the gap between the employers and jobseekers.