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EMU Interior Architecture Department Contributes to “Library Week” through Unique Library Projects

EMU Interior Architecture Department Contributes to “Library Week” through Unique Library Projects

Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty Interior Architecture Department ‘Graduation Project’ students are currently working on new projects to restore the old police department building within the Walled City. The projects are based on the scenario that the aforesaid building will have a library function providing a social interaction and dialogue venue for those who reside in Famagusta and throughout the island.

EMU Interior Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Uğur Ulaş Dağlı stated that while they were brainstorming about the possible topics for department’s graduation project, they decided to focus on the importance of venues enabling the community to read books and to raise awareness regarding the concept of ‘Libraries”. In this respect, according to Prof. Dr. Dağlı,  projects designed by the students of EMU Interior Architecture Department within this concept will serve for the purpose of the Library Week.

Through the aforesaid projects, importance of the libraries and librarianship will be conveyed under the main heading of “Thematic Library” which will include sub-themes such as Children’s Library, Cinema Library, City Library, Music Library and so forth. The projects also include details that would give the libraries a modern concept, rather than reflecting them as places where people read books silently. In line with this, projects will convert libraries into places attracting people from different backgrounds and interest areas and offering them various activities.

In line with the selected theme and character, the department aims to convert libraries into venues housing information resources, archives and an electronic environment as well as social activities and new information/communication technologies. As required by our age, the interior design of “Thematic Library Projects” should motivate information output rather than information input. Completed projects will be displayed in an exhibition.

Supervisors of the graduation project in the English program are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe, Assist. Prof. Dr. Münevver Ö. Özersay and Res. Assist. Eliz Erdenizci and in Turkish medium program are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zehra Öngül, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Banu T. Çavuşoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nil P. Şahin, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mesut Çelik, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamil Güley, Sen. Inst. Leyla Ç. Algül and Res. Assist. Gözde Pırlanta. Prof. Dr.Uğur Ulaş Dağlı, Sen. Inst. Shirin Izadpanah and Res. Assist. Shalaleh D. Aazar also provide support to students regarding their topic selection.