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EMU Institute for Graduate Studies and Research Continues to Expand

EMU Institute for Graduate Studies and Research Continues to Expand

Along with its undergraduate programs, Eastern Mediterranean University maintains its dynamism in its postgraduate programs by closely following the developments at the international level. All postgraduate and doctoral degree programs in EMU are housed by the Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR), an academic unit planning, implementing and evaluating all postgraduate educational activities in collaboration with other academic units.

With a growing student population, EMU Institute for Graduate Studies and Research aims to equip the students with academic background at advanced levels as well as necessary skills to be competent in the academic world, industry or the service sector. Graduate studies at EMU are founded on academic freedom and ethical conduct. The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research also aims to raise graduates who can follow new developments and trends in their area of specialization, true academicians with developed research, and communication skills capable of contributing to the society in several different ways.

Director (a.) of the IGSR Prof. Dr. Serhan Çiftçioğlu stated that a wide range of master’s and PhD programs in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Communication are offered by the IGSR. A full list of the 57 master’s and 19 doctoral degree programs is available at the official webpage of the Institute. (

Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu also provided about the content of the master’s programs with thesis and non-thesis options. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu stated that master’s programs with thesis options have the requirement of a minimum of 7 courses, seminar, thesis and oral thesis defense taking place before a jury. Non-thesis master’s programs have the requirement of a minimum of 10 courses and a semester project. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu added that Phd programs have a minimum of 7 courses, PhD Qualification Exam, thesis proposal presentation and thesis as their requirements. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu also put forth that in order for a PhD candidate to defend his/her thesis before a jury, s/he needs to have at least one publication in a journal cited in “Citation Index” and/or in internationally recognized indexes related to the thesis topic to be published. 

The Institute also provides opportunities for students to improve their oral and verbal communication skills in English. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu added that postgraduate students fulfilling specific academic requirements may also benefit from research assistantship scholarships, merit-based scholarships and conference funding support. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu put forth that research assistantship scholarship covers semester tuition fees and also includes monthly scholarship payments. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu also stated that merit-based scholarships which include full or partial coverage of the tuition fees are based on the undergraduate degree cumulative grade point average. Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu specified the deadline for applications to the merit based scholarships as 1 September 2015 and applications for postgraduate programs as 30 September 2015.

Dr. Çiftçioğlu stated that candidates who do not meet the English proficiency requirements during their application to the aforesaid programs are expected to take the English Proficiency Exam offered by EMU English Preparatory School on 28 September, 6 and 13 October, 2015.