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EMU Graduate Becomes Büyükkonuk Mayor

EMU Graduate Becomes Büyükkonuk Mayor

Eastern Mediterranean University is proud of its graduates’ achievements. 2007 School of Computing and Technology Construction Technology Program graduate Ahmet Sennaroğlu became the mayor of Büyükkonuk after the 2014 TRNC Local Elections.

As the youngest mayor of the TRNC, Sennaroğlu stated his pride and happiness in being an EMU graduate. During his visit to EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak, Sennaroglu gave information on the prospective plans of Büyükkonuk Municipality as well as traditional Eco Day.

Sennaroglu stated EMU’s consistent development and Prof. Dr. Öztoprak’s successful achievements. Sennaroğlu also put forth their municipality’s desire to work in collaboration with EMU.

Sennaroğlu stated that Büyükkonuk Municipality has been elected as the Eco Pilot Village and the annual traditional Eco Day event will take place on 12 October 2014.  Stating that he realised the importance of EMU only after his graduation, Sennaroğlu added that EMU plays an important role in the promotion and recognition of the TRNC.