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EMU FLEPS Organises a Charity Event

EMU FLEPS Organises a Charity Event

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Department (FLEPS), during the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year, Fall semester and within the scope of their social responsibility projects, organised a charity fair that both teaching staff and the students attended. In order to collect donations, the students displayed many of their talents, with the proceeds of the sales to be donated to the Help Those with Cancer Association.

EMU FLEPS Social Responsibility Projects Team Leader teaching staff Mehşen Ercanlar and project teachers Şerife Hocanın Aşıksoy, Damla Simsaroğlu, Selcan Sınal, Refika İlkan Özer, Pınar Hüdaoğlu, Şerife Nalbantoğlu, Eylem Akim and Munise Keşanlı actively participated in the charity fair, with Help Those with Cancer Association representative Yıldız Yaman present.

The charity fair was attended by many and received much enthusiasm, and at the end of the fair, the project instructor and the students each expressed their happiness at completing another social responsibility project event with success.

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