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EMU-FCMS Programs Are Accredited By ACA

EMU-FCMS Programs Are Accredited By ACA

The Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at Eastern Mediterranean University has become the first in Cyprus and Turkey to receive international accreditation for its 6 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs from the American Communication Association (ACA).

Explaining the accreditation process, Dean of FCMS Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan said the Faculty decided to apply for accreditation a year ago. The process began with the development of an in-depth Faculty “self-assessment report” that was submitted to ACA. Following the acceptance of the Faculty’s application, an ACA accreditation team, consisting of Prof. Dr. Philip Jeffrey Auter, Prof. Dr. Peter Antony De Caro and Prof. Dr. James Lawson Parker, visited the Eastern Mediterranean University’s Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, where they met with administrators, faculty members, staff and students. The team held interviews, assessed program curricula, attended classes, and evaluated the technical facilities on site. On their return to the US, the committee produced a final report and recommendations that they submitted to the ACA Board of Directors. The Board announced the accreditation of all the Faculty’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

All undergraduate and graduate programmes have been accredited

Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan listed the accredited programs as follows. Undergraduate programs: Journalism (Turkish), Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (English), Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish and English), Radio-TV and Film (Turkish and English); Graduate programmes:  Communication and Media Studies MA Program with thesis, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design MA Programme without thesis, and Digital Media and Film MA Programme without thesis.

Assessment is based on 14 criteria

ACA’s assessment is based on 14 criteria that cover governance; curriculum; instruction; faculty; facilities and equipment; library; faculty scholarship, research and professional activities; public service; alumni; faculty evaluation, tenure, and promotion; mentoring; due process; student organizations; and budget. Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan said that while the EMU Faculty of Communication and Media Studies has met many of these criteria, the Faculty will work towards improving deficiencies in line with the ACA team’s suggestions.

Accreditation is a challenging process

Emphasizing that accreditation is a challenging process, Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan thanked the FCMS accreditation committee, department chairs, faculty members, and students for their active involvement in the process. Professor Irvan also thanked the Rectorate for its support and the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia for providing financial support to the University to meet the expenses for the accreditation process and the strengthening of the technical infrastructure.