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EMU Faculty of Education Awaits Its New Students

EMU Faculty of Education Awaits Its New Students

Founded in 1999, EMU Faculty of Education awaits new students in the 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester. EMU Faculty of Education, one of the best places to study for those who choose the teaching profession, offers its students many opportunities such as a rich database and library with tens of thousands of printed documents, unlimited use of the internet, large cultural events, meeting students from many different countries, and extensive success scholarships. EMU Faculty of Education hosts Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Special Education, Department of Elementary Education, Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Department of Fine Arts Education, and Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies. With its 14 undergraduate, 10 masters and 3 doctorate programs, EMU Education Faculty trains the education experts of the future.

Successful Individuals 

EMU Faculty of Education adopts and implements a functional education approach that reconciles the requirements of modern education with the expectations of the society from education while producing new models in teacher education in line with the needs of the society. The faculty contributes to the policies to be developed and the decisions to be made by conducting quality research in the field of education. With its education and training policy founded on academic excellence, intellectual freedom, self-sacrificing service, trust and equality, EMU Education Faculty aims to create a conscious public and society regarding education, to raise good people, good citizens, successful professionals and researchers to increase the prestige of education in the society.

Instructors with Vision

EMU Faculty of Education Dean Prof. Dr. Ahmet Pehlivan made a statement regarding the issue and said: “Developments in the 21st century have also affected education systems; necessitated re-examination of education in terms of both quality and environment. Students of our age should be raised as individuals who can solve problems, be entrepreneurs, be collaborative and have a lifelong learning approach. Undoubtedly, the most important factor that will provide this is the teacher. A system is only successful to the extent of the skill and quality of its teachers. Based on this understanding, our main aim is to train you, the teacher candidates in our faculty, as individuals who are in line with the requirements of the age, who put people at the core, who have freedom of thought, who can express themselves in any environment, who can criticize, who internalize our cultural values, who can follow the world, and who have a vision. We are working with our qualified instructors and students to achieve this goal by using all the possibilities of modern education”.