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EMU Communication Faculty's Day of Honor

EMU Communication Faculty's Day of Honor

Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty organized a certificate awarding ceremony for students who demonstrated outstanding success during the 2013-2014 Academic Year Spring Semester. EMU Communication Faculty’s academic staff members and students attended the ceremony where a total of 88 students were awarded high honor and 86 students honor certificates. During his opening address, Communication Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan congratulated students for their remarkable achievement and wished them all the further success.

In his opening address, Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan put forth that the faculty boasts a student population from 43 different countries. Stating that their faculty is undoubtedly the best communication faculty within the TRNC, Prof. Dr. İrvan said that each and every member of the faculty has been working with utmost devotion to place the faculty amongst the bests at the international arena.

Giving information about the faculty’s accreditation process with the American Communication Association, Prof. Dr. İrvan stated that the faculty underwent the inspection of three representatives of ACA, who visited the faculty in November, 2014. Stating that the faculty expects to receive the accreditation of ACA for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs, Prof. İrvan put forth that the receival of the accreditation will make their faculty the first faculty accredited at international level both throughout Cyprus and Turkey.

Stating that EMU Communication Faculty’s postgraduate programs have been ranked within the best 200 communication faculties by Eduniversal for the past three years,  Prof. Dr. İrvan put forth that they take pride in this success at international level.

During the certificate ceremony,  Onur Konağ, who delivered a speech on behalf of Radio, Television, Cinema and Journalism Department, stated that the students are extemely happy  with the warm environment provided by the faculty.

Konstantin Batdinov, who delivered a speech on behalf of Public Relations and Advertising Department students, stated that it was the members of EMU Communication Faculty who helped him discover his inner potential.

Antoun Alhawini, who talked on behalf of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students, put forth that he sees the faculty as his home and the faculty members as his family.