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EMU Commemorated Çanakkale Heroes

EMU Commemorated Çanakkale Heroes

Eastern Mediterranean University Atatürk Research and Application Center, in collaboration with EMU Student Council and EMU Atatürk Ideology Club, organised a commemoration ceremony for “18 March Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs’ Day”.

The event which commenced with a moment of silence and the national anthem took place at EMU Mustafa Afşin Ersoy Hall at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, 18 March 2016. Organised in the panel format, the event hosted EMU  Atatürk Research and Application Center Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Cicioğlu’s presentation entitled  “The causes and results of Çanakkale War”, EMU Law Faculty academic staff member Prof. Dr. Turgut Turhan’s presentation entitled “Making History Partners with Dreams and Çanakkale”, EMU academic staff member Dr. Turgay Bülent Göktürk’s presentation “Political and Military Aspects of Çanakkale War”, EMU Atatürk Ideology Club Chair M. Çağatay Kır’s presentation “Çanakkale and Turkish Youth” and EMU Student Council Chair Melih Yıldırım’s presentation “The Importance of Çanakkale War”.

During the said panel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cicioglu thanked all attendees who took time to commemorate Çanakkale martyrs and  stated that Çanakkale is a legend. Highlighting the importance of Çanakkale Victory both in Turkish and world history, Assoc. Doç. Dr. Cicioğlu provided information about Çanakkale War.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Turhan stated that the main responsibility of the historians is to enlighten the community based on the information gained from original documents. Expressing the importance of ethics in history, Prof. Dr. Turhan put forth that the information provided by some  sources regarding Çanakkale War does not reflect the truth. Dr. Göktürk also provided information about the said war and highlighted the importance of seeing the big picture in history.

At the end of the panel, EMU Student Council offered wheat soup to students at EMU Atatürk  Square between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m..