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EMU Becomes the Champion of the TRNC Tennis Federation’s Prime Ministry Cup

EMU Becomes the Champion of the TRNC Tennis Federation’s Prime Ministry Cup

The EMU Tennis Team, operating under the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sports Affairs Directorate, became the champion of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Tennis Federation's Prime Ministry Tennis Cup, just like the former year. The tournament in question took place at 3:00 p.m., on Wednesday, 25 November  2020, at the Courts of the TRNC Tennis Federation. TRNC Prime Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Suat Yeldener, TRNC Prime Ministry Sports Department Directorate General Board Chair Kemal Deniz Dana and President of the TRNC Tennis Federation Hasan Gazioğlu also attended the said event.

Completed First Series 3-1 Ahead

Four singles matches, two men’s and two women’s, were played in the first series in the tournament, which took place over 7 matches in total. In the competitions, EMU Tennis Team's Mustafa Zorba beat his rival Derin Samioğlu with 6-1 / 6-2 scores, while EMU Tennis Team player Şevki Öksüzoğulları bear Remiz Hıdıroğlu with 6-2 / 6-0. EMU Tennis Team player Fatma Kayol beat Tansel Şık 6-3 / 6-0. EMU Tennis Team player Melis Mevlit lost 4-6 / 1-6 to İzlem Civisilli. Thus, the EMU Tennis Team finished the first series 3-1 ahead.

EMU Tennis Team Received the Cup

In the second series, doubles matches were played. In the double men’s and women’s matches, EMU Tennis Team players Mustafa Zorba and Şevki Öksüzoğulları defeated their rivals Derin Samioğlu and Yenal Esenel with 6-4 / 6-2. EMU Tennis Team athletes Ecem Açıkel and Belce Özyiğit lost to their rivals Tansel Şık and Şara Boranhan by 6-7 / 7-6 and 5-10 in the highly contested match that extended to a "tie-break", EMU Tennis Team finished the second series 1-1 and reached a total of 4-2, winning the North Cyprus Tennis Federation’s Prime Ministry Cup. Since the total score reached 4 in the competition, EMU Tennis Team won the championship in the TRNC Prime Ministry Cup without the need for the third mixed doubles match to be played by EMU Tennis Team players Rasim Ülker and Belce Özyiğit.

Speaking about the championship at the tournament, EMU Tennis Team Coach Aydın Kayol said, “We won this cup last year as well. This year, we also living the happiness of becoming the champion again. I congratulate all my players”.