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EMU Architecture Faculty Students Hold “Enable All” Exhibition

EMU Architecture Faculty Students Hold “Enable All” Exhibition

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Architecture Faculty students exhibited their product/space designs created for the 3rd of December International Day of Persons with Disabilities at an exhibition titled ““Enable All”.  The opening of the “Designing for All: An Interdisciplinary Approach” themed exhibition took place at 14:00 on Tuesday, the 3rd of December 2019 at the Hüseyin Ateşin exhibition hall. The opening was attended by EMU Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Uğur Ulaş Dağlı, Department of Architecture Chair Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun and Department of Architecture Vice - Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevter Zafer Cömert, Interior Architecture Chair (a.) Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamil Güley, academic staff and students. The event exhibited posters, animations and models prepared by EMU Architecture Faculty master’s students as part of their ARCH/INAR 501 Interdisciplinary Workshop.

Projects That Remove Barriers Were Exhibited

A statement on the exhibition reads as follows: The World we live in today is very diverse and complex. Our world includes a rich variety of individuals – children, youngsters, the elderly and people with disabilities and difficulties – and communities that come from different places and circumstances. However, often goods and services are not designed based on our differences. Based on this everyday problem, participating graduate students of ARCH/INAR 501 Interdisciplinary Workshop designed products/spaces in a creative way based on the theme ‘Designing for one who due to an ability/disability is excluded from the environment he/she exists.

A list of master’s students who contributed to the exhibition with course coordinators Asst. Prof. Dr. Pınar Uluçay and senior instructor Seyit Ermiyagil is as follows: Nawwar Adnanahmad Lababneh, Mahmoud Hani, Mahmoud Almatarneh, Erhan İlhan, Parinaz Moslem Zadeh, Gülde Kasım, Malik Ahmad Tawalbeh, Areej Bader, İrfan Sönmezkan, Faraz Shafieyan, Janin Husaini, Yasamin Tookhmeh Hamed, Laden Tarhun, Simge Saygı, Hind Machiti, Noura Ezzaroualy, Şerife Hikmet, Salem Bader, Jeyran Dadashova, Dilruba Özbay, Abdullah Abualflayeh, Nessma Amin and Qasem Al Hammadi.