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EMU Academic Staff Member Barçın Boğaç Contributes to The Production of a Documentary on Cyprus

EMU Academic Staff Member Barçın Boğaç Contributes to The Production of a Documentary on Cyprus

Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty, Cinema and Television Department academic staff member Barçın Boğaç participated in the documentary series project of Razor Films, one of the most prestigious leading production companies of New Zealand.

Boğaç took part in the production stage of one of the tourism-oriented international documentary series on Cyprus producted by Polly Fryer and directed by Justin Hawkes.

Having undertaken duties during the planning, organisation, location discovery and coordination phases of the documentary which was shot at different parts of Cyprus, Boğaç worked with the team and provided consultancy services during the production stage and with producer Fryer, production coordinator Antonia Bowie and director Hawkes during the post production stage.

In an interview, Boğaç highlighted the importance of the Cyprus episode of the documentary series which was produced by Razor Films as the part on Cyprus will be broadcast in the United States of America. According to Boğaç, the series will pose important contributions to the tourism sector on the island.

Stating that his work experience with an experienced and well-known production company at the international arena will contribute greatly to his experience as well as vision, Boğaç added that similar to most of the visual arts, production and creativity in film production give delight to as well as create challenges for the person both during the production and post production stages. According to Boğaç, as much as the importance of listening to one’s inner voice during these processes, your interaction and communication with your team members are equally important in the produced work. In this respect, having the chance to work with different teams is always a great experience.

Boğaç also added that he is planning to work with Polly Fryer and Justin Hawkes in different projects in the future, and added that he is currently working on giving the students the chance to gain experience through similar international connections in the near future.