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EMU 9th Osman Maraşlı Tournament Ended

EMU 9th Osman Maraşlı Tournament Ended

Organized by Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sports Affairs Directorate and being the only triple beach volleyball tournament in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the 9th “Osman Maraşlı Memorial Tournament” took place at EMU Beach Club on 19-20 June 2021. A long with the crowd audience, EMU Vice Rector for Social and Cultural Affairs Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu, Sports Affairs Director Cemal Konnolu and TRNC Volleyball Federation Chair Enver Kaya attended the event. The tournament ended with the semi-final and final matches played on Sunday, 20 June 2021.

Total of 93 Participants Played During the Tournament

In the tournament, 14 teams competed in the triple men's category, 11 teams in the triple under-18 mixed category, and 6 teams in the triple women's category. The champions of triple men’s category were Ali-Münür-İsmail, under-18 mixed category were Göral-Mustafa-İsmail and, triple women’s category were Dünya-Sümeyye-Selen. The youngest player of the tournament was Mercan Lisani, the strongest male player was Ali Duvarcı, the strongest female player was Göral Üregül, the best audience was Murat Balkanlı and finally, the best amateur was chosen as Münür Özbilgen. Following the final matches, an award ceremony was organized where successful teams were presented with trophies and cash awards. The successful teams of the 9th Osman Maraşlı Tournament are as follows:

Triple Men Category:

  1. Ali-Münür-İsmail
  2. Mehmet Ali-Kemal- Saeid
  3. Cemal-Ecevit-Milat
  4. Ertan-Doğukan-İbrahim
  5. Mustafa-Arda-İsmail
  6. Hüseyin-Cafer-Ahmet

Triple Women Category:

  1. Dünya-Sümeyye-Selen
  2. Sudenur-Seray-Seray
  3. Sıla-Yadigar-Yaren

    Under-18 Mixed Category:

    1. Göral-Mustafa-İsmail
    2. Oktay-Mertcan-Sude
    3. Osman-Arda-Fatma
    4. Mehmet-Atilla-Sudenur
    5. Ada-Hasan-Seray
    6. Mustafa-Arda-Yadigar

    Special Awards:

    • Strongest Male Player: Ali Duvarcı
    • Strongest Female Player: Göral Üregül
    • Youngest Player: Mertcan Lisani
    • Best Audience: Murat Balkanlı
    • Best Amateur: Münür Özbilgen
    • Best-Trio of the Year Special Award: Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu, Cemal Konnolu