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Cybercrime Seminar Organized by EMU Students

Cybercrime Seminar Organized by EMU Students

Another social responsibility project has taken place under the umbrella of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Community Involvement Centre. A cybercrime seminar was organized by students Ceren Çimen, Zaina Al-Rımawı, Vuyiswa Dlamini and Damilare Alatiba within the scope of EMU Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anıl Kemal Kaya’s Campaign Course.

The seminar with the slogan ‘Think Before You Click’ aimed to raise awareness about the importance of correct internet usage and the possible consequences of incorrect usage.

At the seminar, Doğa Primary School fifth grade students were informed by EMU Computer Centre Directorate personnel and Office Products Instructor Özlem Görkan Evre as well as Information Systems academic staff member Yeşim Kapsıl Çırak.

Evre and Çırak touched on what children should be careful about when playing games on the internet, explaining which websites are not suitable for them. Evre and Çırak also defined cybercrime providing examples from everyday life and stating what should be done when exposed to it. The seminar came to an end after questions from the children were answered.

The communication students that organized the project indicated that cybercrime is on the rise. Stating that serious measures must be taken. The students noted that cybercrime could decrease if good education is provided.