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Collaboration Between EMU Accounting and Taxation Applications Program and Analiz Systems Ltd.

Collaboration Between EMU Accounting and Taxation Applications Program and Analiz Systems Ltd.

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Computing and Technology (SCT) Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazife Dimililer hosted Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd. Director Sultan Taçyıldız. EMU SCT “Accounting and Taxation Applications” program coordinator Ayhan Tecel and, Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd. Software Support Personnel Cansu Avcı whom herself is a graduate of EMU SCT “Accounting and Taxation Applications” were also present at the meeting.

Collaboration Between Parties 

At the meeting held, according to the lockdown period imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester and, thus the experience gained during online education; things that can be implemented in education which is to continue on digital platforms during the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester was discussed. Parties reached a consensus on establishing a separate server in order to provide the opportunity with remote and free access to the "Expert Systems" program for the students of the EMU SCT Accounting and Tax Applications program. It was also decided to give a certificate of achievement and excellence to the students who successfully complete the courses in which “Expert Systems” accounting program is used.

The certificates that enable graduates to easily document the practical skills they have gained, will increase their employment and, allow employers to make healthier decisions. During the meeting, the importance of qualified intermediate staff with business skills was emphasized and what can be done to take the necessary steps to encourage employment on these issues was touched on. Within this respect, EMU-SCT, Accounting and Tax Applications program graduates, SCT and Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd. agreed on granting a certificate of achievement or excellence approved by the company and offer a discount for organizations which would employ the graduates who have these certificates.  


A statement made by EMU SCT regarding the Accounting and Taxation Applications programs stated; “ “Accounting and Taxation Applications” programs, 2-year Associate Program and 3-year Technician Program, are the only education programs that hold FIBAA certification in Cyprus. The FIBAA seal of quality certifies that the education offered is in accordance with the academic compliance with European standards and, is given according to the needs of the sector. FIBAA certification requires the acquisition of professional skills, the integration of theory and practice, and cooperation with relevant professional institutions and businesses. In this way, as our programs certify that they provide training in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and, also the European Quality Assurance Standards and Guidelines (ESG), they both increase the employment opportunities of their graduates with their diplomas valid all over the world”.

Gets a Direct Start in the world of Business

Stating that EMU SCT’s mission is to raise graduates who are ready to get in the business, the statement included; “To achieve this, the needs of the sector are always determined and, the skills and knowledge demanded by the sector are integrated into the curriculum. Therefore, in our Accounting and Tax Applications programs, "Expert Systems", the accounting software with the most common users in the TRNC, has been used in the laboratory applications of our related accounting courses for many years. The program in question has been donated to SCT by Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd to be used for educational purposes since 2000 and, has been made available to all students in our private accounting laboratory. By this way, when our students graduate, they can gain the skills of the program and quickly adapt to the business life. In general, the most important factors in the students of our Accounting and Tax Applications department to find job opportunities before graduation include gaining such practical skills, using technological facilities and informatics, mastering the procedures and rules regarding accounting and businesses in our country and adhering to business ethics”.

“I would like to thank Taçyıldız for their contributions”

EMU SCT Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazife Dimililer also made a statement on the collaboration to be made with Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd.; “Due to the global pandemic affecting we moved education to the online digital platforms and, Analiz Systems (Özgü) Ltd. shared its own server with us to use in our accounting courses at SCT, enabled us to make the necessary adaptations and make the transition seamlessly and easily. Thus, our students did not experience any loss and gained all the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, I would like to thank Sultan Taçyıldız, on behalf of both our school and our students and the institutions that will employ our students. We will always continue to work with the industry to move vocational education forward. Our alumni are our pride”.

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