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Ceren Göynüklü Talked about Children’s Rights

Ceren Göynüklü Talked about Children’s Rights

Within the framework of the civic involvement project carried out within the operations of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Community Involvement Center,  lawyer Ceren Göynüklü provided information to Şehit Osman Ahmet and Polatpaşa Elementary School students regarding children’s rights.

Organised by the students of the EMU Communication Faculty Public Relations and Advertising Department, the seminar commenced with a video entitled ‘What are the Children’s Rights?’. In her presentation, Göynüklü gave information regarding the children’s rights and their violation in the TRNC. Göynüklü also asked the students about their relationship with their families and whether their rights are violated at school. Summarising the children’s rights under various main headings, Göynüklü  also answered questions coming from students.

Students were presented savories at the end of the seminar organised by EMU Communication Faculty Public Relations and Advertising Department students Erdem Kaya, Ece Arslan, Nagihan Barut, Erman Çoşguner and Emine Tuğçe Yeşilkağıt and sponsored by Temel Reis Restaurant, Ekor Patisserie, Cevizağacı Patisserie, Meeting Place Cafe and La Piron Cafe.

Who is Ceren Göynüklü?

Following her graduation from EMU Law Faculty, Ceren Göynüklü started working as a legal advisor at the Cyprus Turkish Human Rights Foundation. On behalf of the foundation, Göynüklü prepared different reports on “Children’s Rights in Northern Cyprus”, “Human Rights of the Immigrant Workers in North Cyprus”, “Prisoner Rights in North Cyprus” and “Human Trafficking Sexual Abuse in North Cyprus”. Along with the legal advisorship, Ceren Göynüklü also undertook the chairmanship of the “Refugee Rights Association” which was established in 2010.