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Caney Göray Produces a Film on LGBT Rights

Caney Göray Produces a Film on LGBT Rights

Gala screening of the film “Under the Same Sky” produced by Eastern Mediterranean University, Communication and Media Studies Faculty, Digital Media and Film Postgraduate Program student and EMU TV research assistant Caney Göray will take place at FCMS Purple Hall at 6:00 p.m. on 20 May 2015. The film is the third film on LGBT rights in the TRNC.

The film which was produced within the framework of RTVF 508 Digital Storytelling Course delivered by faculty members Assist. Prof. Dr. Yetin Arslan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Pembe Behçetoğulları and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mashoed Bailie was completed in February 2015.

Caney Göray stated that his long time dream of producing a film as such has been finalised. He added “It had to be a film or a commercial or public service broadcasting. I felt the responsibility to produce something like this and I had the opportunity which I seized in this short film. I always wanted to produce something like this for one of my best friends. While producing the film, I met wonderful people and they now have an important place in my life. “Under the Same Sky” is the most meaningful project that I have ever undertaken.”

The English-subbed film features the lives and struggles of 3 characters. Having listened to their stories,  Göray displayed the challenges they encounter in life in his film. Göray stresses that , “We live in the same world and we are free to live the life we want. Everyone is equal and noone can criticise others because of their life choices. Everyone is entitled to love each other freely. We should not forget that the most important thing in life is to act in a humanistic way and respect others.”