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Award Ceremony Organized for EMU International Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication Student Competition

Award Ceremony Organized for EMU International Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication Student Competition

An award ceremony was organized by Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Architecture, Interior Architecture Department for the 3rd “International Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication Student Competition”. Awards were presented to their owners during a ceremony took place in EMU Faculty of Architecture.

During the award ceremony, participating projects and projects which are qualified for an award were introduced and certificates were presented to the contributors of the competition. The ceremony received great interest from both the academic staff members and students of Architecture Faculty. A speech was delivered by the academic staff member of Interior Architecture Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Gita Farivarsadri. During the speech, Farivarsadri stated that the organization became institutionalized and they receive a recompense for their hard work. Saying that the notions of concept possess a huge importance in the field of design, Assist. Prof. Dr. Farivarsadri also shared his gratitude by touching on the high level of participation including the first year students to the Post Graduate students studying in Interior Architecture Department.

Competition jury gathered together on the 2nd of March, 2018 to evaluate nearly 120 projects both from in and out of the country, and determined the winners for the top three awards and three jury special awards. The project winning the first place in the competition was Hasan Oğuzhan Bektaş from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the runner-up was Çisem Nur Yıldırım from Kadir Has University and the third place in the competition was determined as Silviya Zhivkova from Woodburry University. The Jury Special Awards were given to Özgenur Sarıçayır from Marmara University, Osman Canberk Çebi from Başkent University and Canan Hacıoğlu from İstanbul Technic University.

The mentioned competition is organized in memory of the founder of EMU Interior Architecture Department whom had acted as the head of Interior Architecture Department between the years of 1997-2001, Prof. Dr. Nurten Aksugür. Prof. Dr. Aksugür passed away on the 23rd of July, 2012. The competition is organized for Interior Architecture students from all over the world and aims to encourage students of this field to be creative and authentic as well as providing the motivation and support for them.