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Another Award Goes to EMU Cinema and Television Department

Another Award Goes to EMU Cinema and Television Department

Results of the Greenpeace Movement’s 5th Short Film Competition have been announced. Screening of the winning films and a photography exhibition took place in Bedesten. A film titled “Evimiz”, directed by Mert Yusuf Özlük from EMU Communication and Media Studies Department came the third best among more than 40 films which took part in the  competition. Directors of the top three winning films received their awards at a ceremony organized for this purpose.

EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty Will Receive More Awards

Mert Yusuf Özlük from EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty came second in the Green Camera Short Film Festival which took place 4 years ago. Özlük also won the best film award with his film ‘Sera” in a former Greenpeace Movement Short Film Festival.

Entire Film Crew from EMU

The entire crew of the film “Evimiz” consists of the students and graduates of EMU Communication Faculty. The film’s image director is İsmet Egemen Aydın and arts director is Emine Bayır Yücel. Leading actresses are Hatice Çapkıner and Edayla Eriş. Touching upon the environmental problems from the perspective of a child, “Evimiz” sends a message to all members of the society on the World Enivornment Day.

“New Films Yet to be Released”

Director and producer of the film Mert Yusuf Özlük stated that they have been working  in the film sector with students since 2010. Özlük added that their primary aim is to prepare students for the sector and, at the same time, motivate their participation in competitions and festivals. Highlighting the importance of having field practice along with theoretical information, Özlük added that all short film and documentary work serves for this purpose. Özlük invited all those interested in film production to join his team and added that new films will participate in upcoming festivals.

“Everything Starts with an Original Idea”

The scriptwriter and music producer of ‘Evimiz’ Engin Aluç  stated that everything starts with an original idea and the application phase of the idea requires teamwork. Stating that short films on environment draw more attention than public service broadcasting, Aluç put forth that more ideas produced means more awareness raised. Aluç also advised students to read more books and follow cinema and latest artistic trends more frequently.