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An Exaltering Success from EMU Graduate

An Exaltering Success from EMU Graduate

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism Graduate of 2012, Serkan Okur is successfully continuing his career as a speaker for message relays in week days and prime news at weekend on Channel 99 under Meltem Media Group. 

Okur, who stated that he started working under Meltem Media Group after he graduated from EMU, was first a program switching centre assistant and character generator, and then he continued at the sports unit due to his success.  Okur was the anchor for sport news after the prime news on Mesaj TV and the sports programme called Spor 17 on Channel 99 during his time at the sports department which was immediately followed by his transfer to news department.

Okur mentioned that the education he took at EMU has an important place in his career and he started life a few step ahead thanks to EMU as well as feeling the difference of EMU education at all times. Okur indicated that he graduated as a fully-equipped broadcaster with his knowledge from the use of camera to his knowledge of technical terminology because of the education he took from EMU.  Okur also stated that the English instruction provided at EMU is an important privilege and has an important role in shaping his career and that EMU graduates are closer to success.

Okur also indicated that he was an active student during his education years and worked at EMU TV that belongs to the university as a cameraman, image chooser, programme assistant and anchor as well as getting the chance to work in the US for 5 months with Work and Travel. Okur highlighted that EMU provides all kind of opportunities for its students and the quality of education, social opportunities and campus life make EMU a unique university. Okur said he is always proud to be a member of the EMU family and it creates a privilege to be an EMU graduate.