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AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean Attends AIESEC Turkey’s Motivation and Education Congress

AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean Attends AIESEC Turkey’s Motivation and Education Congress

The representative of the Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AIESEC), one of the leading youth organisation worldwide, AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean attended the AIESEC Turkey Education and Motivation Congress (ATEMCO), which is organized every year by AIESEC Turkey. Approximately 500 students attended the said congress held in Ankara Anadolu Hotels Esenboğa. In the congress, where the participants from 17 different cities of Turkey and 19 different branches were present and for which the main sponsor was Yapı Kredi Bank, technology, training sessions on entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation and leadership were given. At the same time, the companies participating in the congress shared their career opportunities with the participants.

“Only Branch in Our Island”

The name of the EMU Faculty of Pharmacy student Muzaffer Alper Gürsoy, who will serve as the new Chair of the Executive Board in AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean 2022-2023 Term, was also announced at the conference. Gürsoy, while being elected as the president of the new term, said, “Due to the Eastern Mediterranean structure, AIESEC has the potential to be the gateway of Northern Cyprus to the world with the right plan, strategy and sufficient effort. We have set our target for the 22-23 period in this direction and we will proceed on this path”. Emphasizing the importance of the conference for AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean in his statement, Gürsoy said, “The conference we are attending was very important for our international member structure and our representation as the Eastern Mediterranean. During our time at the conference, our fellow participants gained new perspectives by sharing their experiences with other national and international participants. They are very excited about making a name around the world by applying their accumulation in the only branch of our island. We would like to share this excitement with everyone in Cyprus.”

“We Thank EMU Administration”

Current AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean Executive Board Chair EMU Health Sciences Faculty, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department student Bilge Kıranbağlı had the chance to be a part for the 5th time at ATEMCO, the most important and valuable congress of the year, representing the AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and EMU. Stressing that it is very important for them to attend this congress, Kıranbağlı said, “As a community with an international structure, we can go to Turkey from here and be together with the participants and Congress Team from various parts of Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Brazil and Turkey, having invaluable experiences with them, sharing our culture and reality. I can say that for everyone who is a part, this experience is very valuable. In addition to these, one of the points that makes this congress unique is the opportunity to receive training that will benefit us in many aspects of our lives in the future. We would like to thank the EMU administration, who has always supported us and paved the way for the youth, for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves in this atmosphere. As the AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean, we will do our best to make the best use of these opportunities and to move forward stronger.” AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean, which has been operating in EMU since 1992 and located on the 3rd floor of the Central Lecture Halls Building, continues to provide many young people with leadership, international internship and volunteering experiences with the support of EMU.