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EMU Brand & Logo

Brand Guideline

Eastern Mediterranean University is an official registered trademark and university brand representation is a priority in our institution. The University places a high priority on developing and maintaining a consistent corporate image in order to reinforce its status and position both in the local and wider communities. Third parties are requested to follow the following guidelines in order to prevent any misinformation:

  1. Logo of the university must be used in the format shown below.
  2. University logo use is subject to permission on any event or organization within or outside the university premises. All third-party entities (individual, corporate, non-profit, peer, etc.), must obtain prior written permission from the University to use the logo. Please send requests to
  3. Users are requested to provide a list of the documents and online platforms they will use the logo (Official documents, websites, social networking sites) and ask for confirmation for each use.
  4. If the logo will be used to promote an event outside the university, the organizer is requested to get permission from the university in order to use the logo on any kind of promotional material.
  5. University logo and images cannot be used with any promotional materials that are not aligned with the university values and policies on race, ethnicity and gender. The university logo cannot be used together with political messages. The university logo cannot be used to promote alcohol use or gambling related activities.
  6. University administration has the right to request any information or logo to be removed if there is any misinformation or misrepresentation of the university brand.

Logo Usage Guide

You can open the following PDF file with Adobe Illustrator or similar program and use logotypes in your designs.

Download Guide

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